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Meet IKI, the fusion between passion and style. With subtle references to original licenses, discover a new brand of casual apparel you’ll be proud to wear in your everyday life!


IKI is the new fashion brand from Tsume, a company based in Luxembourg, world-famous for the high quality and the ingenuity of their collection statues.


We are working with the most prestigious Japanese licenses to offer a refined clothes range that will delight fans. To distinguish ourselves from the actual market, our concept aim at the creation of classy garments which will subtly suggest an universe or a character by the cut, the colors, a discrete print or a small detail. So that, a non-initiated person won’t perceive the reference while a fan will directly.


Conceived in Luxembourg by a devotee team, our models are produced in Turkey in certified factories respecting the European standards to guarantee high end products.


To emphasize the « collector » aspect of our products, each t-shirt is delivered in an elegant packaging with an authenticity seal.




Cyril Marchiol is the founder, director and main representative of Tsume and its new brands Iki and Yoka. He is also an endless source of new ideas and a great artistic supervisor for all projects.


Laura Descamps is the brand manager. Graduate in fashion design, she’s the one who conceive the models both on the esthetical and technical aspects. She also deal with the factories and ensure the quality control of the productions.


All the Tsume team also takes part to the hard work to try the models and make the concepts evolve.